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The mission of the Surgical Center of the Treasure Coast is to work closely with our Employees, Physicians and Ancillary service providers, to be driven to provide quality healthcare cost effectively.


Caring is at the core of our vision for The Surgical Center of the Treasure Coast.

We care to provide the highest quality of service to all our patients, their friends and family in our facility.

We believe that our caring to assess the Physical, Psychological and Sociological needs of our patients during their surgical intervention will expedite their recovery and return to health.

We believe that our caring to provide a safe, comfortable environment for patients, family members and staff will help provide the most assistance to our physicians in meeting the emergency, preventative and restorative health needs of our patients

We believe that caring enough to share the developing knowledge and skill in Ambulatory Surgery Technology is the keystone to a patient’s safety and recovery

We believe that caring for our own personal emotional, physical and professional health will provide our patients with the most valuable resource we possess, staff excellence.

We care to provide the most financially, emotionally and physically cost effective care to our patients.

We care to provide this in the safest possible environment, which will return the patient to health in the safest and shortest time, providing outstanding value to the patient and the community.